Friday, April 22, 2011

My wonderful prize!

My wonderful prize from Chrissey's giveaway has arrived and is soooo beautiful!

Ausralia Post tends to be a bit laid back about delivering mail to far out places such as Toowoomba... or anywhere that isn't Sydney so it was a rather anxious wait, perhaps more so for Chrissey who isn't familiar with our mail service and even for me when the delivery pattern varied from the norm. 

Local Mail Service: Brisbane toToowoomba:  "Hey Bruce, here's a parcel for Chrissy down Toowoomba way. Can you go pop it in her letter box, mate..."  Bruce the Postie sets off on foot, becomes sidetracked by a beautiful woman, finds himself stranded in the Nullabor where he has to fight drop bears and crocs, ends up in hospital after a snake bite and hands the parcel to another postal worker who remembers it a year later and delivers it next time he is passing by.

International Mail Service: UK to Brisbane 2 days on plane. Brisbane to Toowoomba: '"Crikey Bruce, Chrissy's got a parcel from England. Must be important - they sent it Airmail! Better get that to her- catch the bus to save time, mate..." 3 hours later the parcel is on my doorstep!

And now the moment for unveiling:

My photography just doesn't do these gorgeous items justice! They are soooo beautiful (I know I've said that, but I could say it a dozen times and may get close to describing how lovely these are) Even better, they are perfect for both my 1940s Hollyhock Cottage where Mrs Hollyhock would certainly have had a nightdress case and a tray of beautiful bottles with perfumes and beauty aids and my, so far imaginary, shabby cottage.

Thank you so much Chrissey!

With so much change going on in my life recently and the need to keep things together, I haven't been visiting as many blogs as I normally would, so, while I still hope to get around and visit all my new followers, after a lot of agonising I have realised that I'm not able to welcome each new follower individually as has been my habit so far.
The blogs I have seen are amazing. As always I am awed by the creative talent out there and the passion roused as we create our perfect mini worlds.


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