Monday, February 27, 2012

Time to wash: The Scullery

To get to the bathroom you need to walk through the scullery, or 'back kitchen' as it was called in so many of people's stories that I read while researching what my house should look like. People who lived through WW2 have embraced the internet and many memories can be found. A good spot is the BBC site The People's War.  It was intriguing that in many older houses the kitchen was separated into a wet messy area for washing up and washing and a 'dry' clean area for food preparation and eating. We have an eat in kitchen in real life and I think how much more pleasant it would be to eat at the table without the sink and cooking pots waiting to be washed in the same room. 

In the best traditions of Enid Blyton, spring cleaning has just taken place so the curtains are freshly washed and starched, the windows sparkling to let the sunlight stream in, clothes are soaking in a tub for the Monday wash and the first snowdrop of the season is in a jar on the windowsill.  

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Welcome to my new followers. I have visited some of your blogs and intend to visit more but spring cleaning is a hectic time! (I was pleased to be able to get a post in for February at all!) It is really flattering that people with so much talent find time to pop into my little cottage for a peek. Thank you.