Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Year of Blogging, nearly 200 Followers and a Giveaway.

I can't believe that I am still blogging after a whole year! Maybe not as frequently as I could, but I am still here and even more amazing are the nearly 200 people who have chosen to look in at what I am doing! In celebration and to thank you I thought I would have a small party, so the drinks have come out and the cheeses. 

Unfortunately the spirits are locked into their mahogany tantalus and the cheese has been sitting around for a couple of weeks (since the 4th May my actual anniversary) so has gone a little hard. There doesn't seem to be any biscuits left to have with the cheese and the grapes rather bring 'Type 2 Bristol Scale' to mind but the upside is that anything not eaten or drunk forms the giveaway! 
(assuming you would still like to win it)

If you are a follower, please leave a comment so that I know you are interested in being included in this giveaway which will be drawn on the last day of Australian May. All items have been made by me, the bottles can be removed as you can see and the real life Camembert currently in use as the party table is not included, but the lace table cloth is.

If you aren't tempted by wine and food and scintillating company, you can dip into some books the family have left around. Admittedly most are children's books, but who doesn't like to relive a few moments of childhood occasionally! These aren't being given away, this family treasures it's books, however you can find your own copies to make here: Anniversary-books-1-12

Thank you very much for being my followers and the encouragement you give.

to my new followers, and on the way please admire the tree dahlia in our garden. Far from mini, tree dahlias soar 15 feet into the sky from a small piece of stem and give delight when the rest of the garden is resting.

Rocio who I can't find a blog for

Elis  with lots of links from a recent Fair to drool over as well as the most delightful minis she has made herself. I love the gumboots and shoes.

Celia Thomas at K T Miniatures with her blog and online shop full of real 30s and 40s dollshouses and accessories as well as her amazingly evocative reproduction pieces of the same era. Many an hour I have lost salivating over her vintage houses! 
The old geezer who I have noticed on a few blogs lately, spreading his inspirational life story and message.
Lies from Amsterdam and her Canal House 'Canal Keizersgracht 99' and an excellent eye for detail.

Rosamargarita at1:24 scale La Tapatia with so many tiny bits to look at

Jennifer and her delightful plush animals plus childhood dollshouse.

Thank you for following and I plan to get around to your blogs for a closer look as I am able.