Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dressed Bed

A quick post between shifts (where did my week off go!) to show you the finished bed and quilt. The quilt is hand paperpieced in the traditional 1930s grandmother's garden design using old hankies (ordinary ones - I started collecting for this project and most were just too nice to cut up, so I now have a lovely hanky collection!) and fussy cutting each hexagon.The pillows are from the remnants of an old white trimmed hanky and show some wear despite using the best bits (it was the same problem with the white hankies I collected- too good to use) but wear would have been appropriate immediately following the war. Overall I was quite pleased with it. Now I just need a bedroom!

Welcome to my new followers. I can't believe there are nearly 50 now. I have been popping in to your blogs during the week and, as usual, am amazed at the talent there is out there!

Mini babies aka Pattyis a very talented baby maker (of the miniature variety and with one of her own of the standard size!) Her page also contains useful links to giveaways and tutorials, so worth a visit on many levels.

Teresa has snippets about her garden and other activities as well as her dolls houses and minis. An excellent bargain hunter (I am green with envy at her mini purchases!) and a woman after my own heart with her love of her garden as well.

Josje I will need to return to. The internet is having a hissy fit and won't let her load for me.

Looking glass miniatures has a few blogs to check out depending on your fancy:  1/6 scale  . Apothecary 
Hobbit house My favourite was the Apothecary until I saw the so cute tiny mail she is working on in Looking Glass Miniatures How do people keep up with 4 blogs and still have time to mini?!

Jody has lots of creative stuff to admire! She has made objects with beads I would never have thought of, but loved. I enjoyed reading her a few days ago, but google translate has gone bung on me tonight (and our provider has slowed us to 64 kbs AAARRRGGGHHH)

Emilie is a must to visit as well for the really pretty. Currently everything is in French (see above) but the pics are well worth drooling over.

My 49th follower has disappeared with my followers list, but I will catch up with you!

Meanwhile I have a blog for the lovely Christine of Rosemyne who has the Triang house I have always dreamed of owning and is repairing it from a windowless shell to the thing of beauty it was always meant to be.

This quick post has taken forever thanks to our internet, and the husband is getting restless so I better head off. Have a wondeful week everyone. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making the bed

Two posts in two days! Can you tell I have a week off!

I have been wanting to get on with making this bed since I began making a quilt for it months ago so it was lovely to have several hours yesterday to do so, especially as I need it for a craft display next week (which also requires finishing the aforementioned quilt) This one is for my family's twin girls, Daisy and Violet to share and was in the house when the family inherited it from the father's godmother.

I began raiding Miss 18's beads and topped this up with a mixed bag from ebay. I then hunted out 2 old wire coat hangers (they are thicker than the newer ones) and found various pieces of wire for the decorative bits. Nearly every bead needed another hole drilled in it - painful task and it was ready to be assembled. I had snagged a few pics from an online antique shop of old beds (as well as having 3 cast iron beds in our house) and the design I chose probably wasn't the easiest (curves are more forgiving than straight lines) and not the prettiest, but was the one that I felt was right and I could imagine the house children climbing through the gap at the top. Lots of superglue gel and a little swearing as I coated my fingers and wires didn't behave and I was finished the ends!

Proudly I showed my children (with satisfying oohs and aaahs) and my husband (who is still waiting for me to pass through this regressive stage and return to adulthood) who quite happily commented that the end must be in sight - hmmmm should I disillusion him?

I still need to prime and paint it (I think quick drying spray paint will be needed) but I liked the metallic look and know that when it is painted all the bumps, lumps and rickety bits will show up more, still what can you expect of a bed with 4 children jumping on it! Plus anyone who is thinking about making one can see the process better. If you are going to make one, I would recommend plastic rather than metal beads.

While on wirework, the hooks on my coatrack were made from head pins -  the type with the round head although a flat head would work well too.(The original Jane Harrop coatrack had wooden pegs)  Fold the pin in half, bend to your shape and  fold the tail back at right angles to insert and glue into a hole drilled in the wood. Close the folded bit together, the illustration is to show the shape. Easy Peasy and very economical!

Welcome to a new follower as well! Maria at  I love her red house (miniature) and all her orphan animals (real life) Followers aren't being accepted at the moment, but have a look anyway.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And more welcomes!

Good evening all, I'm sorry that nasty thing 'work' has kept me preoccupied and away from important things like dollshousing and blogging, and even more sorry when I realise that it seems a bus has passed my cottage and 11 people have stopped by to visit! I haven't had a chance to catch up with you all yet, so please be patient as I visit and add your blogs to my side column where I can keep up to date with you all. Meanwhile, in stolen moments, I have finished a very basic coatrack, based on Jane Harrop's from her 30s/40s book but reduced to fit my tiny entrance, so hang your coats and hats and make yourselves comfortable.

First to welcome is Tallulah Belle and her garden of plants with personality and real life decorating. I am unable to follow you, Tallulah, 'computer says no', but I will keep trying, meanwhile I have joined up to follow the Twice Remembered Cottage.

Next is Naomi, who doesn't have a blog at the moment and is also just starting her miniature journey, so I am sure a blog will follow and we can enjoy her work as well.

Congratulations Linda on your recent achievement! Linda now has a PhD yet still finds time to collect (and play with!) miniatures. She can be found at

Glenda is another cat lover and they are just my favourite people, so when I was visiting her minis as well, I knew she was someone I had to keep up with. It is lovely that you have dropped by in return!

I can't find anything for Александр Раздорский which is intriguing in itself, but I hope you aren't too bored by my ramblings.

minitink is another blogger who makes me realise how the internet has shrunk the world. No matter what country we come from, what background we have and what language we speak, while there is the internet we can share our interests and inspire others. ... and minitinks flowers are truly inspiring!

Sheltiebud is a DHE friend and if you are quick, you will be able to watch her progress from the beginning, which I love. I enjoy admiring all the amazing work of the experienced dollshousers and miniaturists as well, but there is a definite thrill in watching someone develop. She is an experienced doll person, so I think we can expect great things! 

Margos blog is another full of delights and gorgeous cats.  I haven't had a chance for a long browse yet, but that is a treat still ahead.

I knew from her avatar that I would love Taenias blog and so far have not been disappointed and it amazes me that she is another who has found time to work on a PhD! Anyone who thinks dolls housing is for the simple minded has no idea!

Clever detective work, with a hint from the avatar has led me to Shellby's blog Lots of fun items and another house to watch from the beginning. I will be back!

My newest follower, Heather has 3 blogs to catch up with! First is of her family life with twins (I am so jealous! I only have dollshouse twins) Her dollshouse  (and she is no newcomer to dollshouses I am guessing from a quick look) and

Thank you all for being interested enough to follow. I love followers, I love seeing what they are up to and when I look at how talented and inspirational they all are I am thrilled to be included in this internet community.