Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hollyhock Cottage finally has Hollyhocks!

...thanks to the lovely Laura at 'my wee life'  As I mentioned in an earlier post, she had sent me a hollyhock kit from The Miniature Garden and being finicky plants they have taken a year to reach flowering stage.

at dusk

Like just about everyone else I have been down with a seasonal bug and lacked motivation to do anything except moan and whine (which I do with the same proficiency as procrastinating), so when life began to improve these were the loveliest project. I only wish they photographed better!

and in daylight

With a window sill, I was able to finally place the geraniums  (click for tutorial) made a  couple of years ago and some new pink  ones made  this week.

The children rushed into the empty house, running all over it, up the stairs and down. "Hannah, look at the cosy kitchen!" cried Jane. "Look, it's got a wide window-ledge for you to put your geranium plants on!The Happy House Children by Enid Blyton

A bit of playing still to do but it is lovely to see something happening and I haven't really been sidetracked from finishing the cottage...

(or the giveaway!)

Welcome to all the people who have called by, its lovely to see you and even better when I think of how much help you can be in the garden next time you visit. :D