Sunday, February 17, 2013

Workroom show and tell: enter at own risk!

I've seen so many lovely workrooms recently, all amazingly tidy and all managing to be elegant as well as practical so I have joined the challenge of showing mine - BEFORE tidying it up. I may be deleting this post with embarrassment but while I am still feeling brave, here is the chaos in which I play...

Entering from the kitchen and turning left into a closed in verandah/sunroom facing north east (ideal southern hemisphere placement) which also doubles as a place to have tea and gossip with friends and family.

Furnishings a mixture of ikea, opshop 'elegance' and scratch built by me (less elegant!)
half a dozen projects on the go
suitable soft cushion in sunniest corner for Teddy the cat (minus cat)

edit: nipping in for a nap now that the camera activity is over.
continuing around to the dolls house end of the room and the books which inspired it
and the last wall with aforementioned tardis before returning to the kitchen 

I'm just popping the kettle on so make yourself at home.
Milk and sugar?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Milestone 50th post and 333 followers.

Just a quick post so people don't forget me. 

Life is currently busy with no respite in sight so not much progress on the cottage but I was a bit pleased with the carved bits to go above the front door. This turned out to be of those quick and unexpectedly easy projects and because it is such an old cottage a bit of rusticity (ie rough and amateurish imperfection) isn't too out of place. 

It's lovely to see new followers and while I haven't visited all of you yet, I am getting there slowly and as always am delighted and impressed with the imaginative and talented people out there. Isn't it amazing being able to share in the projects of people from all over the world in the comfort of your own home! 

 I have also pulled out the skinny knitting needles and started working on a giveaway to celebrate 50 posts and 333 (because its a cute number) followers. I'm not entirely sure knitting is my forte but perseverance is and this can be whipped out to work on in spare minutes so watch this space...

Meanwhile: knit one, knit two together, drop one, swear once (or more), hunt for hook, pick up dropped stitch, discover two others have fallen off, unravel, start again, knit one, knit two together...