Friday, March 29, 2013

Squeezing a March Post in

When you are a qualified procrastinator like me it is so easy to let months slip by without blogging (or doing housework, essential work training or even enjoyable things like keeping up with everyone else's blogs - sorry). So I am determined to get a post in this month even if it is a progress one rather than something achieved.

Taking up most of my time was some necessary repair and renovation to our ageing real life bathroom (towels and linen piled all over our house to a certain cat's satisfaction) then having to rest a strained hand (following sanding painting and tiling) but in between I began knitting a new give-away blanket (the other being rather dowdy and much more suited to be scrunched into a corner out of sight at Hollyhock Cottage.

As part of my fantasy to get Hollyhock Cottage to 'lock up' before the 3 year anniversary of building commencement, I also started on some windows which I have really been enjoying pottering with. Lots to go, the deadline has passed but as said, this is a progress report.

Meanwhile, Welcome to those who have popped in to visit and are scratching their heads at how someone can achieve so little and still manage to write a blog post!

To all have happy and safe  Easter 

(and I hope the Easter bunny remembers you!)

Cheers, Christine

Cats sleep anywhere...