Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year and projects being finished: bathroom

2012! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. It only seems like a year ago that the world was holding it's breath for the Millennium and worrying about the dreaded Y2Kbug.

Despite not blogging about the cottage recently I have been working on a few rooms and projects, so will share a couple of pictures with you now. 

When I first started planning out Hollyhock Cottage with purchased 'Hobbys' plans, I knew I really wanted a bathroom. Enid Blyton houses have bathrooms even though from later research I have found that in the 40s many British houses didn't and a tin tub in front of the fire would have been appropriate. 
  "That reminded Roger of something. 'Would you like a bath?' he asked Barney. 'Mother says you can have one any time.' ...  So Barney was escorted to the bathroom, where he stared at  the great cream coloured bath, quite overcome."   
  The Rilloby Fair Mystery  

I suspect the Lynton's bathroom may have been grander than that at Hollyhock Cottage - but then again maybe not!

Welcome to all who have joined up as followers. It is lovely to see new faces and new projects as well as a few familiar friends. The variety of ideas and levels of expertise are inspiring: from those beginning their journey (with surprising competency) through those who are embarking on subsequent projects with the confidence of success behind them, to the expertly professional whose creations make you disbelieve that you are really looking at miniatures! With so many of you I am too overwhelmed to welcome you individually and I apologise but I definitely recommend that anyone reading clicks on some of the lovely faces and pictures in the followers box or in the side bar to enjoy what others are doing.