Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gone Quilting...

For the past week and during February I am giving my time to another project so no dollshousing for me!

This means I have an entire post to catch up on my welcomes. My 't' isn't cooperating today without a few good bashes so if there are any unusual phrases, just see where you can add a t to create a more convenional word (Discussing 'boiled peanuts' on a forum with the t missing was probably a concern).

Norma at make mine mini is currently a Sydney girl but her heart remains firmly in her little cottage in New Zealand. As well as her miniatures I have enjoyed looking at her home which is a mix of vintage and pretty set in a stunning location.

Sherry is about as girly as you can get and this is reflected in her blog so for a feast of friendliness, feminity and family and beautiful photography call by and leave a comment.

Maija from iidasanttu is another whose life and blog revolve around  family and simple pleasures. How many others already have a Christmas countdown going! I'm enjoying her photos and am still working through the language list in google translate to enjoy the text as well.

I don't think my next follower, Mick, has a blog but he does have an Etsy store where he sells the most amazing turned items and miniature leadlights. Mick is the creator of the only craftsman piece I own, mentioned earlier in this blog (scroll down to mortar and pestle) and has worked on items for displays by some of the bigger names in professional miniatures as well as more unusual full size items (where else could you go if you needed to replace the eyelets in your antique corsets!)

Sylvia has the most awe inspiring ability to create realistic scenes in her miniatures. If you have an evening to spare, keep going back through posts to see the deail she puts into her work. Her home blog is of the same style but perhaps simpler and beautifully pristine.

Another sewer and creator of beautiful soft dolls is siebedina. Her most recent post makes you appreciate the perserverance and optimism she needs for her creativity to blossom. She is awe inspiring.

Anyone who creates beautiful books is sure to have my attention and the books at Life in Miniature  are stunningly beautiful. Make sure you check her free project links and miniature projects gallery as well. Wow!

As often happens, I am tantalised by hese followers who I can't find blogs for yet am sure I have seen while browsing, so if anyone has links for   minineedleworker, Eli en Karina, Kelly and Iluna45 please pass them on.

I always enjoy doing a welcome post and seeing the amazing things people are doing out there. Have a creative February and I will see you all in March!