Monday, May 24, 2010

Books ... a few of my favourite things.

I am still tied up working, but as it is so cosy to sit beside a warm computer with a cat curled up next me, between shifts I have been enjoying blogs and admiring internet friends' work on the DHE forum.

One of my favourite things in life is books. I have always been a mad collector of them and like so many bibliophiles have had libraries in the past numbering 1000s. Now I try to keep the collection under a thousand of my favourites with Enid Blyton probably taking up about 1/3 of my bookshelf space and Agatha Christie, Dr Seuss and Mary Burchell closely behind. I am currently re reading Dora Joan Potter's 'Winterton' series of Australian boarding school stories set in the 40s. Actually, with the exception of Dr Seuss, most of my favourite authors were writing in the 40s or 50s, Neville Shute and John Wyndham and childhood favourites  Rumer Godden and Anthony Buckeridge (I still chuckle over the scrapes Jennings finds himself in and always regret that I didn't email and tell Mr Buckeridge how much I loved his books while he was still alive).

Another favourite thing which I would never have believed possible is computer technology. I can remember telling my computer loving husband 20 years ago that there is no way that a computer would ever replace a book, yet now if I want to know something I google and the information is there! Miraculous . . . except this week when it was easy to be sidetracked playing  'google pacman'. The first things I bought online were books and the last things have been books. When I'm not finding books I am reading people's stories through blogs and sites. I even like the computer when it isn't online. I love programmes like Word and Paint, I haven't the patience to learn anything more complicated, and I really enjoy combining all 3 of my loves - books, computer and dollhouse miniatures to make miniature books.In fact my miniature house had books before anything else.

Because I am guessing that people are here because they like Enid Blyton or they like dolls houses, I have made a PDF file of one of my mini books to share with you. You will need Adobe reader which is easily googled and free to download .

Edit 16.12.10 Oops - I just printed this up and realised I had saved the faulty file to PDF! It will be replaced after Christmas. and I apologise to anyone who has attempted to make it.

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  1. Hi Christine,

    I agree, you can never have too many books! (except perhaps in my case . . . I did a quick count of the new - mostly second hand - books sitting on my "to be read" shelf . . . figuring on reading a book a week, I have enough reading material for well over a year!). And although a computer might replace books like encylopedias, no PC or electronic reading device is ever going to replace the experience of a real, genuine book.

    Anyway . . .

    Congratulations on not being one of the 80% who only blog one post and I look forward to reading more about your dollshouse progress. Don't worry too much about your followers - they are following you because they like what you are doing.

  2. Hi Christine,
    I've just found your blog and am now a follower.
    Welcome to the blogosphere and if you get stuck with anything, give a shout as there are hundreds of us out here..

  3. Thanks Alennka, actually when have done our periodic cull of books I keep the encyclopedias we had as children, which I think may have been my mother's as well (Newnes Pictorial Knowledge). They are so out of date but full of whimsical things and poetry and stories and crafts and so on plus the associate editor was Enid Blyton!

    How lovely to meet you, Debbie and thank you for your offer of help. I am muddling through and slowly learning and have been enjoying looking at your ponies and your minis as well!

  4. I've been looking for a bookcase similar to the one pictured. Could you tell me where you got it from, or did you make it yourself? It would be a great help. Thanks

  5. Hi I actually made that bookshelf - from tongue depressors, match sticks and a cardboard back if that helps. :)

    However if you want to buy one, Celia at ktminiatures ( makes a very similar (and nicer) one. Browse her site - she has some wonderful items. :)

    Thank you for drawing my attention back to this post too. I had replaced my PDF book link, but it seems to have gone walkabout again.