Sunday, December 5, 2010

Needlefelting - my new love

This week has been one of those frustrating weeks you know has to come around occasionally to remind you how good life normally is. Nearly every project I have wanted to do has needed something I have to buy online (or have lost and know that as soon as I buy another it will appear - aaarrrgghh) my laptop has lost yet another faculty and wont recognise USB sticks or SD cards, I have been confined to the house with a revolting 'childhood' illness and the only ones loving me at the moment are the cats...and I suspect their love is because with a temperature I am so cosy to cuddle up to in this wet weather we have been having. Oh woe is me!

So with nothing going right, it was a thrill to have some felting needles I had bought on ebay arrive and with some  rovings I had from a craft find at the local op shop, I only needed the tutorial in the December Dolls House Magazine to get started. Needless to say the magazine was not to be found ...definitely one of those weeks!

3 cm Teddy

 Determined to keep going I figured a dollshouse scale teddy bear with its round basic shapes couldn't be too hard, and if it was a disaster...well, it could be a well loved teddy.

Nowhere I had read how therapeutic sitting and continuously stabbing at a piece of wool is, giving the evil eye to anyone who came near. I am surprised all those witchy types blogging away had never mentioned it, but maybe that is a witches secret. Some of my family were convinced they were being voodooed and all of a sudden I had offers of tea and icecream and a bit of much needed spoiling.

Teddy needed a friend and  I wanted a dolly of the old fashioned stuffed toy variety but only had  teddy brown, so attacked some ancient wool/polyester crepe yarn (left over from a jumper knitted 17 years ago - never throw anything away!) with a 'nit' comb and it was even easier to felt than the proper materials!
Dolls house scaling failed so she was given to Dolly for her own little dolly.
Dolly and dolly

Several Christmassy projects followed along with a broken needle (don't try to manipulate the wool and poke at the same time) and some pricked fingers  (it is better to felt against the foam, not while holding the piece) and morale was much restored with a new craft learned, albeit at a very basic level.
2cm Nativity

to my new followers:

Linda with such a variety of houses from shabby chic to witchy (an entire community)! All so wonderfully realistic, and well...perfect! Her twin Beacon Hills deserve their own blog and have it so call by there as well because these mansions are worth studying.

Chelle who is an online dollshouse friend but currently occupied with her daughter's approaching wedding. Her dollshouse work is gorgeous and I can imagine her daughters wedding will be wonderful given Chelles crafty abilities. (I did enjoy seeing her messy craft room before pic- hehehe)

There is another follower I can't access at the moment - the computer has already turned itself off once this session - thank goodness for autosave! I'll look forward to catching up next post and also with some of the mystery followers I was puzzling about, which Susan so nicely solved for me.

I hope you enjoy following and I am already enjoying the blogs you have to share.


  1. hihi, that was very funny,Christine!

  2. I hope you feel better soon your needlefelting looks great im also thinking about trying it out and now im really inspired to give it a go thanks and hugs xx

  3. lol, I'm glad I wasn't wanting sympathy, Margot :-D

    I think you will really enjoy it, Rachel!

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon Christine! I adore your teddy... I think he is just toooo cute! :D

    And Dolly looks happy with her new dolly :)

  5. Well done! They look absolutely amazing and I'm so inspired to give it a go now!

  6. I hope you feel better soon, Christine!
    I like the idea of witches and voodoo dolls... needle felting has just become a new image! I have done only a tiny amount of felting, a long time ago, and don't remember the part with needles... I will have to give it a try again... you have made some lovely "Tinies" with it!

  7. Espero que ya estes un poquito mejor.
    Tu osito es adorable!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. I tried needle felting recently. Yours looks so good, I'll have to try again! I think I got a few poked fingers too!

  9. The teddy is so cute and I love the little dolly. I have never tried needlefelting but I will now!!!

  10. Goodness! I can't believe that I haven't replied to you all!

    I think I should be enjoying a nice convalescence, Shelby and daydreamer but instead am dragging myself off to work. Poor me :)

    Gracias Ascensión, que son siempre tan hermosa con su aliento.

    Jessica, Heather and Lady Jane, it gives such a wonderful effect for comparatively little effort - I'm not sure big needlefelting would be as easy though, but perfect for minis

    -and Lady Jane - Eureka! I just welcomed you on a new post, but had no blog link, now I have 2 - off to edit!