Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's so easy to be sidetracked...

and build an extension.

Beginning this cottage nearly 3 years ago with lots of enthusiasm and no knowledge meant that as I have learned more, mistakes glare at me. Some I can live with as a sign of progress but others... oh dear.

The north end timbering (left side of the cottage) was one such instance and as rebuilding it would mean replastering the inside to match, camouflage seemed the better option so an extension was in order.

My plans were to do an extension in keeping with the rest of the house - stone floor, rustic beams, plaster, but that was before reckoning with Great Aunt Marigold! Great Aunt Marigold (Mrs Harold Hollyhock) lived in Hollyhock Cottage until 1941 when she bequeathed the cottage to her great nephew (and godson). It was she who decided in the early 1900s that a room to catch the sun would be a desirable thing and having recently seen a completed Arts and Crafts house, knew what style she wanted! (Great Aunt Marigold was a woman who usually knew what she wanted and usually got it.) She organised the builders and the project was begun.

Back to 2012: at this point the room is still in 3 pieces, stacked together for the photo but in this festive season, building progress is slowed. The windows are actually clear, the pattern being from the glass in the real window behind and I plan to cover the stone floor with a  parquet floor which will be more in keeping. Total size is only 6 inches by around 10 inches.

Welcome to my newest followers, I have popped in for a look at your blogs and I continue to be stunned by the level of talent, skill and professionalism displayed.  (and a bit envious of the workshops being attended!) 

Christine xx


  1. Christine that room is delightful and absolutely perfect for the era :) Another great idea.

  2. Great Aunt Marigold has grand ideas, I love it!

  3. I am all in favor of Extensions!!! And this one looks Beautiful!!!
    I know what you mean about learning as you go... and changing your definition of "okay"! (I have that problem too!)

  4. Hello Christine,
    Your work is so beautiful and it just keeps getting better. Experience is what raises the bar of artwork. i can't wait to see your transformation.
    Big hug,

  5. Thank you everyone, I am positively blushing here. :-)

  6. The extension is a great idea and I'm quite sure your mistakes are few and far between!

  7. Ooh Christine, the extension is just perfect! I am SO envious - all that the inhabitants of my house could come up with was a scrapyard outside the back door.

  8. Thank you Irene and Chas. :-D The camera was lovely and flattering in that photo.

    Chas, I am absolutely certain you have a blog because I remember visiting it, but can't find it now - can you post a link pretty please. :-)

  9. Hi Christine, thanks for your interest, my blog is
    We're working in the same era - my shop/house is Edwardian but the scene is Austerity England 1948.

  10. Thanks, have a left a comment and will be back for more study. :-)