Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dressed Bed

A quick post between shifts (where did my week off go!) to show you the finished bed and quilt. The quilt is hand paperpieced in the traditional 1930s grandmother's garden design using old hankies (ordinary ones - I started collecting for this project and most were just too nice to cut up, so I now have a lovely hanky collection!) and fussy cutting each hexagon.The pillows are from the remnants of an old white trimmed hanky and show some wear despite using the best bits (it was the same problem with the white hankies I collected- too good to use) but wear would have been appropriate immediately following the war. Overall I was quite pleased with it. Now I just need a bedroom!

Welcome to my new followers. I can't believe there are nearly 50 now. I have been popping in to your blogs during the week and, as usual, am amazed at the talent there is out there!

Mini babies aka Pattyis a very talented baby maker (of the miniature variety and with one of her own of the standard size!) Her page also contains useful links to giveaways and tutorials, so worth a visit on many levels.

Teresa has snippets about her garden and other activities as well as her dolls houses and minis. An excellent bargain hunter (I am green with envy at her mini purchases!) and a woman after my own heart with her love of her garden as well.

Josje I will need to return to. The internet is having a hissy fit and won't let her load for me.

Looking glass miniatures has a few blogs to check out depending on your fancy:  1/6 scale  . Apothecary 
Hobbit house My favourite was the Apothecary until I saw the so cute tiny mail she is working on in Looking Glass Miniatures How do people keep up with 4 blogs and still have time to mini?!

Jody has lots of creative stuff to admire! She has made objects with beads I would never have thought of, but loved. I enjoyed reading her a few days ago, but google translate has gone bung on me tonight (and our provider has slowed us to 64 kbs AAARRRGGGHHH)

Emilie is a must to visit as well for the really pretty. Currently everything is in French (see above) but the pics are well worth drooling over.

My 49th follower has disappeared with my followers list, but I will catch up with you!

Meanwhile I have a blog for the lovely Christine of Rosemyne who has the Triang house I have always dreamed of owning and is repairing it from a windowless shell to the thing of beauty it was always meant to be.

This quick post has taken forever thanks to our internet, and the husband is getting restless so I better head off. Have a wondeful week everyone. :)


  1. lovely little bed looks real nice and cosey


  2. Es una cama preciosa, me encanta a colcha!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Your little bed is absolutely perfect! Just like the depression era bed I slept in at my grandparents when I was a child. Nope, I'm not depression era, my grandparents home was. You have achieved the clean comfortable homey 'safe' feel of the period. Your quilt is to die for, a work of art in itself.

  4. ooh, your bed and quilt are gorgeous!! i started a similar quilt a little time back, but keep running out of hours in the day!! so mine isn't finished yet... but you have given me an idea for my next blog.. and thank you for the mention about my blog!!! from one christine to another XX

  5. Wow - that is a wondeful quilt you have made! Such tiny little pieces to cut and sew. It is beautiful!

    I really like the way you welcome all your followers so nicely! You are very kind to take all this trouble and I really enjoy your blog!

  6. It's nice, I like your handmade bed very much!

    Greetings Jody.

  7. Thank you everyone. :-)

    Susan, 'clean comfortable homey 'safe' feel of the period.' That is just what I wanted! Thank you.

    Carolyn, I get so much pleasure reading and looking at the other blogs that it is a small thing to do. :-)

  8. The world did feel safer back then didn't it? Maybe that's why we miniaturists make our 'safe' little worlds. It's wrong that young children now have to be taught fear.

  9. Yet it wasn't really safer. I think that we are bombarded with horror on the news every day has created such a fearful society and I agree about making our safe little worlds. :-)

    I wonder if the love of clean sheets many people have goes back to being tucked into a clean safe bed as a child?

  10. Hello, i found your blog because you gave me nice compliments on my crocheted blanket on my blog, thank you for that.
    I am happy that i found your blog, you made very nice things.
    I especcially love the quilt and the bed you made and the chair is also a masterpeace.
    Have a nice day and i will follow you!

  11. What an incredidbly beautiful quilt! It's a masterpiece, I love it!

  12. Hello, I came across your blog by accident, I realise this is an old post but your quilt is gorgeous! I've recently started my first dollshouse set in the same era. Am going look through your other posts now, so inspiring!