Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lots of welcoming to do!

My followers have returned so while I can see you, I'll grab the chance to say welcome and introduce you to my other followers.  With lots of internet problems happening, I switched recently to Chrome rather than Firefox and while I am missing a few things from Firefox, I am loving the automatic translation offered on each Chrome page!

Beginning most recently is Melissa with her projects of varying scales. Her fabric creations, clothing and hats are inspirational and even more impressive when you realise that she scales them down from real life patterns. She is lucky to have a creative father as well who makes furnishings for her.

Next is Tony of Miniature Treasures. The work of this recent comer to miniatures has to be seen to be believed! I hope he doesn't mind, I am borrowing a pic from his blog as an example. Even more impressive is that his creations are made from timber from authentic tudor buildings and in his blog you will see photos of the building. He has finely polished detailed pieces as well which you can't believe are miniatures.

Eliana at terrados gigantes creates lovely homely scenes with perfectly detailed accessories - her tomatoes have to be seen to be believed. I haven't been able to translate this blog, but with so many pictures to admire, words aren't really necessary. I loved her real life cat pics as we also had a much loved ginger darling who would hide in boxes exactly as her cat does.

I think Snowfern must have a dollshouse as she has some lovely miniatures. I need to keep reading, but that isn't any hardship because what does feature on her blog are photos and photos of some of the most stunning miniature creations by other artisans (all correctly acknowledged) If you ever need some inspiration but can't be bothered googling, visit this blog!

Georgie Steeds doesn't show up with a blog, but I know that she has one because I linked to it 2 posts ago! She is the creator of stunning flower kits - her snowdrops featuring in the aforementioned post with her link.

To catch up with the Merriweather family, you will need to visit Lilac Hill.  Here Viv, an ex high fashion model,  is renovating her family home (with some help from Caraloo I suspect). It is looking charming and I wouldn't mind relaxing in the gazebo with them.

Jeanette Fishwick also appears blogless although her baby doll in her avatar is a tantalising hint that she has some lovely pieces to show.

The food at Valentina's mini bonbons is to die for! Lots of sweet and sugary confections for the afternoon tea table as well as savouries for yummy meals. These are not limited to your dolls house either - you can enjoy this food all day as earrings or other pieces of jewellery and can be found in her etsy shop.

Haid doesn't have a blog at this point either but you can follow her story of the making of a classic Australian home being lived in and decorated in contemporary style (and it is stylish!) at Somerville House at the Dolls House Emporium

Sonya has a collection of ongoing houses at cannella E Melograno most recent posts featuring gorgeous homely shabby style accessories and furnishings for her American house and a good amount of international travel squeezed in as well.

Teruka and Helen also don't seem to have blogs.

I really enjoyed seeing Narina's bits and pieces although the translator wasn't as proficient with Finnish as could be desired. She is building a dollshouse from cardboard in the same way that we used to when I was a child (and the way I believe children should still be making them, rather than being presented with a completed project requiring no creative input). Her house is far more professional than the ones I remember making  though and I wouldn't have realised it's humble origins had I just seen the first few pictures!

Oh no! My computer overheated and this was all that was saved  :(.

It's still warm, so I will continue when I can get back with my other welcomes.

Have a lovely week.


  1. Thanks for the welcome! I loved your kind words.
    Best wishes.

  2. Many thanks for the warm welcome Christine :)

  3. Hi Christine, as my 200th follower, please pop back to I have a gift waiting for you.

  4. Thank you so much for including my tarts!!! I put the link of your article on my facebook fan page and my blog!!