Monday, July 25, 2011

More welcomes and some vintage luggage

One of my friends bought this beautiful thing on ebay and had it shipped to Australia. I'm the current custodian (long story) until we can get it on it's final leg to her house (10 minute drive away - no rush :D). I just love it but would never have room for one so of course I decided to make one in mini for Mrs Hollyhock - Mr Hollyhock will get a different model eventually but their house has the same problem as mine and even at 1:12 scale they take up a lot of space in a tiny house! 

My mini version

I love compartments!
Now to introduce and welcome some more followers:

Marlene from Somerset House is busily working and modifying her DHE Montgomery Hall using quality materials which is looking pretty well perfect plus being filled with wonderful handmade treasures from her clever fingers. Marlene also has a cross stitch/craft blog Poppy Patchwork where you can see more of her creations. I was her lucky 200th follower so will also have a gorgeous Marlene rug for my house. Thank you!

Maria Ireland is another who likes to create her own furnishings and accessories, with new and recycled materials and using what comes to hand with marvellous results. I've only seen one room of her pretty dolls house so far but can say that she risks being over run by  delightful friendly looking bears in her real home!

You will find Carmen busily crafting away at My Little Escape. Her little accessories and furnishings are delightful and I was especially delighted to come across her 'room in a lantern' as I had done one for a friend's birthday earlier this year. Lots of lovely and clever ideas here.

I can't find a blog for you, Ana Camara so welcome and please get in touch with details if you are blogging.

If you are looking for unusual minis, visit Craftland where you will find unique items such as 12th scaled cardboard egg cartons and tiny waffles plus unique and very small polymer handbags. She is also expert at finding the perfect items at fleamarkets!

Cris Colas  works in all scales and is full of things she has created with tips on how you can create the same. Her grandmother is equally creative, crocheting the sweetest tiny blankets and pillows for Cris.

Maria I. shares fascinating histories told in a romantically poignant fashion in Miniature city. Queen Victoria, Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson and more are all covered here. For more of her artwork, with workshops of how she achieves these, visit miniarte dementeamano

Congratulations Maria Luisa for the special occasion which has just taken place in your life! Maria loves all things mini and has the most stunning collection made by friends and family. Tears nearly came to my eyes when I saw the exquisite wedding scenes - both real and mini. May you have much happiness.

Ingrid's blog, my dream world is exactly as it sounds. From the tiny stars following the cursor it is full of pretty and romantic things which Ingrid has made based on her love of French brocante. One of those really lovely blogs that looks so effortless but it's effects so hard to achieve.

I always feel uplifted after seeing so much talent and beauty.  
Welcome to you all and I hope you enjoy my projects as well. I'm not being allowed to follow anyone right now, so will be back to visit and add myself to your lists.

Welcome also to my newer followers. I will introduce you next time I blog. 


  1. Thank you for your lovely welcome,

  2. omg!!! love that trunk!!!! :D Linda x

  3. tu trabajo es magnífico!
    y tu bienvenida muy amable, muchas gracias

  4. You're welcome, Marlene and Carmen. :) Thank you Linda, Carmen, Tony and Chelle. :D

  5. You've made a wonderful job of the luggage, right down to finding almost an identical lining. I love your attention to detail with all the little compartments - I like compartments too! You should be proud of yourself.

  6. Gracías, por tus cariñosas palabras,celebro que te gusten las fotos, nosotras muy contentas
    de compartir ese día tan maravilloso, con todo nuestro mini mundo. Besos desde España de las Malu´s.

  7. Your mini trunk is just awesome!!!!!!

  8. Perfecto tu baúl! Me encanta.
    Un abrazo

  9. What a beautiful steamer trunk! Are you going to fill it with all the items needed for a long sea voyage? I also love little compartments, especially drawers that hold little treasures.

  10. That mini trunk you made is amazing :) I remember my parents had a trunk like that when we lived abroad

  11. A great duplicate of the trunk in mini! jeannette

  12. Greetings from

  13. I absolutely love the trunk - you've made such a good job of it! Gill x

  14. Wow, i love your trunk, it looks exactly like the big one.

  15. Thank you for your comment on my blog Christine, you have had a similar diagnosis and it is good to hear your treatment was successful also. Also the melanoma, lucky you found it early, as you say, regular self checks are so important.
    I love your mini version of the trunk, look forward to seeing what you will make next.

  16. Just love your trunk. And I hope my dollshouse quiltshop gives you some inspiration.
    Miniature greetings

  17. Your trunk is precious. Your compartments are perfect right down to those perfect hangers. Great Job!!!

  18. Wow Christine you have done such a great job. The minis look exactly like the big ones. Well done and I look forward to exploring your blog more.

  19. This is a wonderful trunk! I also want to make one for a hotel scene (ready only on my fantasy...) and I'd would be glad if it turns out as beautyful as yours - it's PERFECT!

  20. I have had a similar trunk since I was 20 , and have toted it everywhere for 26 years . I realize that I just have to make one for my Aunt Augusta doll, who travels around the world! It would be half scale, so I'm not sure when this will happen!