Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat

(And sadly not only the geese!) 

Such a long time away although I have been keeping up with you through the blog list on my side bar. My blogging mojo is still hiding and what better time to try to revive it than the busiest month of the year!

'Mouse' over at the Dolls House Emporium forum organised us into photos to share for a DHE advent calendar  and I have created quick and easy projects, with (hopefully) easy to find materials for my 4 'doors' which I want to share with my blogging friends as well. 

Week 1 is an Advent Wreath  although as Christmas has fallen on Sunday this year, throwing all my calculations out, you will need to 'light' 2 candles to begin! Click on the link for a PDF print out of the instructions. Embellish away! 

Welcome to everyone who has called by (and stayed!) while I have been absent. It has been lovely to see some of the amazing work you do - both in mini and in real life. 

While clicking links, you need to visit Jennifer's blog for the most glorious pampering give away!


  1. Glad to see that you are back! You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to reading more future posts! :-) My blog giveaway here:

  2. I have been, seen and posted! Thank you, Jennifer - now to get you back in my sidebar. I'm sure you were there before!

  3. It is so good to see another post from you and I hope that your mini mojo will be back with a vengeance!
    Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)

  4. Glad to see you back, don't worry about your mojo, it WILL return. I should know I've had a serious case of missing mojo,5 months or more! eek :-(( and it's great when you find it and can go at things with re-newed vigour.

  5. I still have a bit of mini mojo - no real time to nurture it and make it grow though, but the blogging mojo is pretty flat. :D Maybe if I actually finished something I was pleased with... meanwhile I can still get inspiration from the rest of you. :)

  6. Hi Christine. I have just found your blog and it's simply amazing. I'm so glad that I will start following you. You are very talented. Take Care xxx

  7. Thank you. :) It's lovely to see you here.

  8. Love this project too--it's beautiful! Thank you for making these into PDFs. I'm looking forward to making this so much! :-)

  9. You're welcome. :) I like PDFs myself for those projects you know you want one day but aren't ready to do yet.