Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting to know you all

Welcome to all my new and old followers. I hope you noticed my garden as you raced inside through the much wanted rain. Sadly it isn't showing its best as so many of the flowers are curled up and hiding from the wet as well. Anyway now you are in, fetch a cup and settle down with a warm drink and get to know each other...

Carolyn's Tutorial: Waterslide Decals
 I haven't anything of my own to share this week but have been finding lots of lovely things online and I know that anyone who hasn't seen it on Carolyns blog already, will love this tutorial! I have often admired all Carolyns little bits which add such character to her rooms and she has let us into the secret. A very very big thank you! And she has a wonderful giveaway on offer too.

 I am sorry to have put off posting for so long, especially when I look and see so many more followers to welcome. Some of you may have noticed me visiting you in return. The things I see are so inspirational and very uplifting!

Josje's A Beautiful World  is indeed a beautiful world. Her roses are to die for and are in keeping with all the elegance and beauty she captures in her other creations.

Jeanette at JRB Creations brings a smile to the world with her little animals small things that you take for granted in real life, but delight when you see them scaled down. She is also busily working away on a dollshouse, but this house is to be a gift for her niece. That is love.

La Petite Sophie  is a small scaled house but you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a real, very nice, lived in home. Roelie has 'wear' fine-tuned to perfection and manages comfort crossed with style just as well.

It was lovely to have Ascension call in. She seems to be one of the socialites of this blogging world and I see her name pop up everywhere. She has a flair for the unusual ...sometimes VERY unusual!

Klara has a few interests but I can't get the one I am longing to see to remain open! Maisonklarameijer . I can open it, get a tantalizing glimpse then it disappears to eternally reload. GRRRR Meanwhile though she has other blogs to enjoy. ScrapbookingParis scrapbooking

I love Janice's Diagon Alley shops (current project Witch E T Grubbs Emporium) I would never have room for something like that and given how slowly work progresses on my one house, would never have enough lifetimes either, so I really enjoy looking at what others are doing and doing very well.

Maria (Diary of a Miniaturist)  was a google browsing discovery who followed me back after I had left a comment on her crochet rug. Anyone who liked mine several posts ago needs to visit Maria and for those who love angels, she has  angel in the attic as well.

 Jessica is a DHE friend who is always bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Her curiosity shop is still in its new stage, so pop in now and you will be able to watch progress from the beginning.

Joe is another DHE friend and I am bursting to say a lot about him, but you will all meet Joe very soon (lips closed now!) Meanwhile have a look at his blogs Alcorn Gardens and Whites Greengrocers and Florists and be amazed at the talent of this high school boy.

Dee's De lightful minis is a fun place to call by. She is working on a wonderful saloon right now and looking at older pics I suspect she will end up with an entire Wild West town when she has finished!

Lara's Miniature World makes me think of the artwork of  Carl Larsson with joyfully coloured furniture and bits that add life to a scene and have so much appeal.

Erin is an interesting follower to find as I can't see any dollshouse connections - maybe a closet dolls houser? She is very talented however and I have really enjoyed looking at her new blog so far (how does someone think of making a 'hello' sign like that and why does it make you smile?) and love her sense of colour as I am sure others will if they call by.

Ana can be found at  My World in Pink and with a name like that who could help but want to visit! Google translate keeps crashing on me, but I suspect I have been overloading it as I want to read and click on the pictures and absorb it all at once! her bedlinen is gorgeous and I am in love with her baby blanket.

Peggy is at Another Cosy Cottage and the name made me smile because so many of us are cosy cottage people, while others like mansions and grandeur. I wonder why we long for one or the other? Anyway, Peggys cottage is very cosy and pretty and homespun, exactly as a cottage should be and I would be pleased to share tea and cake and swap recipes there any time.

I am not usually one for dark magic but Dark Squirrel Victoria somehow includes a quality in her work that gives you a thrill of being somewhere where you need to watch over your shoulder and speak in whispers. Maybe it is because it is such excellent craftsmanship that you know that no ordinary black magic is about to take place. Victoria also has a giveaway if you get there quickly!

I still have to read through Wanda's blog but am pea green at the lovely gifts and swaps she has received in the first 2 pages.

The same for Cindy at Little Bear Paws Nursery. I haven't had a chance for a good read but am absolutely smitten with her little bears and can't wait to read further for the promises of shabby chic. I am also her 100th follower!  (some of us get thrills from very small things.)

Terry is here (and Ascension has popped up in the latest post - did I say that girl gets around!)  I was smitten by Terrys gorgeous orange cat, having a weakness for ginger cats, and I am sure that won't be the only thing we have in common.

Like Christine's 'Rosemyne' My Reality will feed my love of vintage houses (Triang in particular from what I have read so far) Her other blog I opened and thought was an interior design blog...until I looked closer! Wow!

My most recent follower was another who seemed familiar, Sarah Scales, and when I opened and realised she was one of the the incredibly talented and generous artisans who contribute to the free online magazine AIM I realised why. I love your work from there and will look forward to seeing more in your blog.

Susanne and Karin I think have blogs somewhere, but I haven't yet been able to find them, so if anyone else can help, let me know please. I'm sure I remember visiting both!


  1. Thank you for the warm welcome!

  2. Your garden is beautiful...thanks for sharing the links. I'm going to check them out.

  3. Thanks for following, De. :)

    Caroline, I will be welcoming you soon - my links are playing up but I have called by and love what you do!

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