Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy Cutter - why can't I cut square with it!

Hi, today I have a grievance. I got an Easy Cutter Deluxe for my birthday last month after months of agonising and studying the different types, emailing sellers to see if they ship to Australia (most don't) and reading woodworking forums for opinions. I did have reservations about the blade shape giving a square cut, but decided either it would adjusted so one side cut square or I was being too picky and any slant would be invisible. Everyone else raved about them so they must be good! Finally I opened it and was able to have a play and my reservations were confirmed.

What am I doing wrong? Why does everyone else not have this problem? (actually the crushing was mentioned on one woodworking forum, but not the slanted cut.)

Note the blade shape - essential for a sharp edge and strength, but the tapering is causing my problem.

 3mm thick obeche attached at the angle it cuts at.   Note: NOT a happy dollshouser! Help needed please!

More positively Spring is here so I will leave you with some garden pics please ignore the giant weed in one - it has spikes and every time I see it I am not up to wrestling with a spiky weed!


  1. Hi Christine....I saw your cry for help re the easycutter and didn't really know what to say....I haven't had too much trouble with mine EXCEPT when trying to cut mitres on miniature picture framing - I've gone back to my old mitre box for that now. I haven't had the problem you are illustrating so I don't think I can help much. Sorry not to have any really good ideas to help. xxx Carolyn

  2. I have had issues with crushing. To solve that if the piece is really thin. I've just been snipping it then sanding a little. It the piece is thicker. I mostly use the cutter to mark it, then use the mitre box to finish. Sorry tho I haven't had the problem with it cutting crooked like that. Maybe the screws on the top need to be tightened?
    Wish I could be more help.

  3. Thanks ladies. :~) Actually that was the first time I had a problem with crushing although I had read about it, but not being able to cut square is really upsetting me. I will probably go back to my mitre box, but what a waste. :~( Meanwhile, I'll keep perservering.

    I put the garden pics in to remind myself the world hasn't ended because my birthday present was disappointing! :~D

  4. I just edited one of the pics - the crooked bit is from the top of the cut to the bottom following the taper of the blade, not across the cut just in case that makes it any clearer. I realised after your comment about the screws, Laine, that it probably looked as if I had the guide crooked.

  5. OK Yes now I understand why it crooked. I totally understand about your birthday present being disapponting.
    I searched for weeks for a new restaurant to go to for my birthday. The one I finally chose was totally disappointing. The food and service was so awful. I was upset for weeks!

  6. Oops - I commented on the wrong post. :]

    I get the slant cuts, too. I run the end of the board over a piece of fine-to-medium sandpaper pressed flat on my cutting board. Make sure you do this gently so you don't round the end or sand away too much. The other thing you can do is measure on both sides, cut halfway on one side, flip the piece over and then cut the rest of the way. You can easily sand the "bump" in the middle to get a flat edge. It's a drawback of the Easy Cutter, but I still love it. Makes much easier work of things. I hope this helps. :]

  7. I've not seen or heard of this cutter before! I'm kinda intrigued what it does!

    You have a lovely garden, it looks very much like an English cottage garden. ;o))

    Michelle xx

  8. It is like a pair of secateurs crossed with a mitre box, Michelle. You wouldn't have any problem getting one in the UK, and if I had had the choice would have gone for one of the stanley blade types:

    Thanks heaps, Otterine, I'll try that although I am not sure I'm good enough to line the cuts up! Practice practice practice as they say I guess. :~)

    and thanks for the sympathy, Laine, sometimes we need that too! :~)

    I don't deserve my garden, Michelle - I spend so little time in it and it still rewards me.

  9. I have never used a cutter so can't help there but what a wonderful garden.

  10. Your best bet is probably to contact the manifacturer. If anyone knows how to solve the problem they should.

  11. That would be a sensible thing to do, Alennka :~)
    I'm glad I got other opinions first though.