Friday, September 24, 2010

Why you should never ever tidy up!

Today started off well. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and with a song in my heart I decided to tidy up my work corner in the back shed. After a couple of hours I had found the work bench and tools I had forgotten I owned and my miniatures were safely in their plastic boxes waiting to be packed back up on the shelf. A relaxed lunch was followed by chocolate and I decided to do some sewing before returning to finish. Then it was a mad panic to soak up water travelling through the house during a sudden tropical storm. It passed as suddenly as it came and all was still well after much mopping up, so I went out to my shed to admire my new tidy work space. It also had survived the storm, being a well built shed...except one spot...where I had placed my finished miniatures...The safe plastic boxes they live in were filled to the brim with water. Alas, PVA doesn't take well to being soaked for several hours and some items are irretrievable. Books (sob) and paper like water even less and even new items in their little clip lock bags weren't spared. Fabric I think will dry - albeit more rainbow coloured than it had been and after peeling the soggy tissue paper from everything else I can say that the losses could have been worse. (or so I thought until my slightly built daughter walked past and the vibrations caused more furniture to collapse!)

I won't be tidying again in a hurry!

Welcome to my 5 new followers. I will get back and introduce you properly, but for now I have things to dry, furniture to repair and washing to do.

Addit: Something which amused me was trying to work out what some flat whitish rags were? The pillows! They had been filled with salt which of course had dissolved.
Bonus was the $2 shop cupboard with crooked shelves I got as a gift from mr 13 fell apart enough that I can reglue the shelves in straight!


  1. oh you poor love... those sudden downpours can catch you by surprise. never mind its a good excuse to go on ebay to replace what got damaged, and maybe treat yourself. :-)

  2. Thank you for the sympathy :~) Unfortunately most of the things damaged were pieces I had made. :~( It's OK though, I have had a good sort out and what was made once can be done again!

  3. Siento mucho lo que te ha ocurrido, espero que puedas salvar muchas cositas.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    besitos ascension

  4. my goodness that's horrible, I hope you can salvage most of it! well at least no one got hurt thats the main thing but its still a rotten thing to have happen.

    Hugs to you

  5. Oh no! I know how you feel, things like this happen to me...but just not that many at one time! :o((

    I have to confess that I have soaked furniture and wooden mini's so that I can glue them together myself or alter them in some way! lol Yours just happened by accident! I hope you can repair some of the mini's.

    I had a near disaster with my spiral staircase in my witches house, but it's okay I saved it!

    Michelle xx

  6. Gracias Ascensión :~)

    Thank you, Marissa and Michelle. :~) I think anything wooden can be salvaged - I didn't know that about soaking wooden pieces before, Michelle. Live and learn. Thankfully I have book files somewhere on a disk or stick so they can be remade but thinking of all that folding and pasting again isn't appealing at the moment and even more thankfully my quilt was inside. Poor pillows though. :~D

  7. I wish you only sunshine for many days, to help you forget this disaster!!

  8. Oh, no!!! That's awful, sounds like the kind of thing that's been happening round here lately. You poor thing! I wish I could wave my magic wand for you.

    xx Carolyn

  9. oh dear wish i could magic the sun for you hun...
    thanks for your well wishes for my ankle and yep my collectable dolls are so life like arnt they and addictive i was only going to have one now i have five with one on order lol

  10. Oh, Christine! How distressing! All those things you have worked so hard on... just ruined! :( I would be distraught and way less philosophical than you are being! I hope you can recover at least some things! And I hope you manage to put a protective "spell" on everything from now on!

  11. Thank you everyone for all your caring :~)

    Believe it or not, after days of slow drying, nearly everything has been able to be salvaged with a bit of glue and patience! Even the books! Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have been able to print them on a laser printer, so the only bits that ran were the covers. Everything has a more 'antique' or very well used look now but I can live with that. :~)

    It has forced me to find space inside and so far (with the purchase of a 'new' 60s ex kitchen cupboard from the local oppy)all my makings and materials fit beautifully... if I can keep it tidy (not one of my strengths). So it has all worked out even better than before. :~D

    I still have to laugh when I see those poor flat pillows - I think they were so ridiculous it kept everything in proportion. :~)

  12. SO unfair!!! Cleaning is never a good idea... that's what I tell myself. You have a great attitude! CM

  13. thanks again for you post my sweet im fine with time off work if im not mobile at the end of the week i can ask the doc for another sick note work are very caring i can have up to 28wks with full pay

    thanks for caring

  14. LOL, Not cleaning is my usual policy, My Reality!