Sunday, October 3, 2010

The big move... and some chimneys

The deluge last week prompted me to bring the house inside where it should remain dry. I had been thinking for a while I would like to do this, but didn't think there would be room without tripping over it and all its accompanying tools and necessary (and not so necessary bits) in our very small cottage.  Lots of measuring and a visit to the local op shop produced the perfect cupboard which suddenly made it possible. Aren't the handles gorgeous! I'm not normally a retro person, but they make me smile.

It is just perfect for storing everything as well, so I'll show off the tidy insides as well.
Isn't that lovely and organised!
... on the opposite side of the room on the desk/ work area is where everything gets dumped 
I am so pleased to have it inside now and only regret I hadn't done it before Winter.

During the week previously I had been working on the chimneys which was probably a bit premature as I don't actually have a roof on most of the house, but one was needed for working the roof out, so to make sure they match I did both. Once again I used the  china doll egg carton bricking method and after looking at pictures of chimney pots on google I decided to go for an eclectic mix modified from some I had bought previously from the Dollshouse Emporium 
These were easy to work with, although they still look like painted wood. They aren't glued down yet so I might play some more with them.

The smaller chimney will be moving to main roof when I build one and hopefully should end up approximately the same height.

I found the chimneys really thrilling to make. All storybook cottages have a chimney, but most of the houses I have lived in have missed this important detail. It was a step closer to my dream home.

 On the home front, September is our family's busy birthday month so I have saved a piece of birthday cake for all my new followers (and old if you are happy to have 1:12 size serves)

Welcome to:
Natasha from the DHE forum. Natasha is new to dollshousing but a whizz at miniatures, especially polymer clay. Go and look at her tutorial for chocolate cake - you will begin salivating! (Well I do anyway)

From Italy is Francesca and her gorgeous minature cross stitches and tapestries. I love the happy colours and themes.

Casita Minis blog is a feast of photos. I suspect that she has made everything herself, although it isn't clear, which makes her one very talented lady! You need to see the tiny tiny crochet dresses.

Annemineli has several blogs. I'm still puzzling over what language to suggest to google translate so am not sure if any are associated with miniatures, but she does seem to enjoy artistic pursuits. Once again it is brought to me how the internet is joining the world in friendship. Dantel Deryasi , Yuzyazar and Annemin Eli.

Casey's minis is a blogger I found even before I started on my miniature journey. I love how she tells her stories through Tessie (or how Tessie blogs through Casey!) and am thrilled she has come to visit.

Paul Smith isn't showing up with a blog but I am 99% sure he is Afan Valley Miniatures whose blog I began following after a recommendation from Lainie.  I can only say Wow! Visit his page for the beginnings of his reproduction of Margam Castle and keep in mind that he does commissions!

Robin is another new to blogging but experienced in minis. She creates dolls with real character and you can meet them at Coombe crafts.blogspot and have the ones you fall in love with move into your own little house.

j lil roomer  sounds like she leads the same hectic life so many of us have (are the ones who appear serene really so, or are good at creating that impression, I wonder?) Her blogging has been a bit sporadic, but encouraging is that you can come back to a problem months later and solve it! And excellently at that.

Mini Maker can be found in several places, another being her website full of tips for miniaturists My Small Obsession. Both are well worth visiting for inspiration especially for those starting out (and I love her red shoes and fairy wand in her profile pic.)

Clara at  Life in Miniature has the most delightful things! I am besotted with her little books, copied from books of her childhood and reminding me of books from my childhood which I hadn't thought of for years.

I can't find links for Miniature Maid, Little Miss Kris, Nicola McCormick and Latiana (which will embarrasssing if I find later that I am actually following you on a blog and have forgotten) so if anyone can help, please leave a comment.

Thank you all for being interested enough to follow.

Edit: I may have discovered Miniature maids blog at Her profile picture is different but both obviously loving rabbits has to be too much coincidence. Well worth a visit for her needlework as well.


  1. i am glad you bought the house inside.. safer, but you will be looking at it all the time and will see what it needs. the chimneys look great!your workspace looks so much tidier than mine, i must be a slob... will you thatch the roof? i am trying to collect those decorative brooms that were the rage, some years ago. i have tried a few things, these please me the most! i think it will be trial and error.. christine xx

  2. How funny. I always look at your pics, Christine, and think how tidy you are. :~) I think lost of creative people live in chaos - I actually get less done when it is tidy as I am scared of making a mess. You are right about looking at it too - I keep going in there. :~D

    It has to be a thatched roof! I am dismantling a coir mat - the $5 sort from Big W and the bits I have pulled out and combed look quite effective when I play with them in situ. I suspect it will be 2 dismantled mats by the time I have finished - the roof area is surprisingly big. You can buy coir in bundles for thatching but I can't justify the cost, especially with postage added, besides who would want to something the easy way! :~D

    Spotlight sometimes has those brooms, but I've only seen small ones (4-6 inches) Have you tried Asian shops? You probably get down to Sydney, so it would be worth a look in Chinatown.

  3. That should be LOTS of creative people, but I guess you can get LOST if you live in a very creative mess!

  4. I am currently buried alive under the debris and wood shavings!
    Loving your chimneys.

  5. wow love the chimeys your done. Glad im not the only person with clutter lol, I am doing my first ever dolls house "The Laurels" and I am loving every moment of it my dad is helping as well so a family project

    really enjoyed reading your blog

  6. ¡Muchas gracias por tu bienvenida! Me alegra saber que te gustan mis cuentos de la infancia.
    Tu trabajo con las chimeneas está muy bien.
    El armario con todas las herramientas está muy ordenado. A veces da pereza trabajar para no desmontar todo :)
    La casa dentro estará mejor.
    Besos Clara

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Christine
    Luv your you I am used to working around Now as you have tidied up I will have to follow your lead.

  9. I loved the tutorials on how to make rocks and bricks out of egg cartons! I missed out on a lovely little cottage for 15.00 due to car problems so I'm a bit sad today.

    My workroom is a complete shambles but I can still find everything. oh well I'll clean it later.

    Marisa :(

  10. Hello Christine and thank you for the welcome!

    Mini Regards,

  11. :~D I know exactly how you feel Basset Human Slave! I thought this hobby would be a nice tidy one and so far it has created more mess than anything I have ever done!

    ¡Muchas gracias Clara :~)

    I wouldn't worry too much about tidying Kevin- as long as you don't start having to buy things again because you can't find the first!

    Poor Marissa. How disappointing for you :~( Keep looking - your cottage is waiting for you somewhere.
    I love the tutorials too - there are such generous creative people out there! And don't let my tidy room get you down - it won't stay that way, so I have to show off while I can. :~)

    Your welcome minimaker. It is lovely to have you following. :~)

  12. Christine, I'm so glad the deluge spared your cottage! And I am a big fan of moving the dollhouse right into the dining room! I now have to call my dining room the workroom because you can't find the table any more! Mess is the only way to create! Out of chaos comes substance! Or so I tell myself!
    I love your chimneys! I am going to need to do more to my chimneys on the Lovely Old Dollhouse.... I'm going to have to think about these egg cartons... they look very convincing! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I can never remember which blog I saw it on when I need it!

  13. Christine, te doy la bienvenida a mi blog y espero que sigas disfrutanco cuando lo visites.
    Besos Clara

  14. Thank you so much for reposting my blog post on business cards! :) I hope it can be helpful! xx

  15. enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for the comments on mine about the pendle witches one good thing ... i didnt make her so i may be safe lol

    alas i cannot ride any more due to the arthrist if i could afford it i would learn to drive a trap but alas cash is in short supply but i look back on my riding and pony owning days with much joy