Monday, November 1, 2010

Cleaning ...

Hip hip, Hurrah! I now have 3 full plus 2 half days on either side off!!!!

Two relief jobs coincided unplanned (why can't babies arrive when they are told?) so my month has been leaving one job to go to the other, snatching some sleep and back again. Of course there have been nice chances to do little bits of mini-ing in odd hours not long enough to do any real house work, so to ease my conscience while closing my eyes to my real life dust and cobwebs, I have been concentrating on cleaning. Anyone who reads Enid Blyton will know that her characters love cleaning. Soapy water and big sponges and polishing cloths feature highly in many stories so my little thatched cottage needed those items.

A couple of bits were made a while ago - the carpet sweeper from Jane Harrops excellent book  'Thirties and Forties: miniatures in 1:12 scale', the laundry trolley from an Australian doll magazine. The ironing board and laundry tub were bought years ago when dollshousing was still a fantasy then 'aged' when it became a reality and the Chrysnbon items (I love the soap holder!) came out to be painted along with the Dollshouse Emporium dustpan.   

  The enamel washbasin was easily made by trimming down a deodorant lid with scissors, glueing a piece of paper covered wire around the rim, then painting and the feather duster made use of the broken bits from my real life moth eaten ostrich-feather duster. The mop is from string tied to a stick and swished around in my dirty paint water and the bluebags from fabric covered dowel and a pic snagged from google images (How big is a blue bag? Does anyone know?) The Brasso label came the same way and is on a tin made from paper wrapped around a cocktail stick but my favorite items were the brooms. I spent an evening trying to insert hairs into neatly drilled holes and decided it wasn't worth the time or gluey fingers. Scratching through my wood box for something else, I noticed how bristle-like balsa is when cut with not too fine a saw and bits cut to size became the perfect broom heads!

I was pleased with the mop bucket too, which is cardboard rolled to a rough oval with small handle bits added and based with 4 thicknesses of card glued into the bottom, the wringer part being made from one of the peaks in an egg carton and set into a half oval piece of egg carton cut to fit the top. Paint the 2 separate halves, then glue and add a wire handle.
The rug beater, which started this cleaning fit, came from the September issue of 'The Dolls House Magazine'

Now that all the equipment is assembled, we will see how much fun cleaning really is!

 to my new followers. I am sorry to have ignored you for so long. 

Lauren Lau is a miniature maker and collector who also loves music, but doesn't seem to have a blog...yet. 

Antique Daisy  is one for all you shabby chic lovers ...and dollshouse lovers...and those who love tutorials and tips...everyone actually. I want a proper read of her blog but have to get over my envy at her  find of such wonderful coffee stirrers first!

Lia E Alma also appears blogless but she could be viliaminiature looking at links on other blogs?

Lisette has two blogs to visit and some gorgeous toys and other treasures to drool over.

I thought I knew who Sarah was but my detective work this time has failed me, so if you have a blog, please drop a line. I can't find a blog for Sophie Appleton or gshoney either.

Vicky is a DHE friend, constantly on the go and constantly creative. I hadn't realised she had a more personal blog (click on Vicky) but did know she has started to blog about her dollshouses - plural! Vickys houses Head over and be inspired by her Christmas room box.

Jean Tuthill is another blogger who needs 2 blogs with so much going on in her life to share! Not only does she mini, garden, quilt, cook and generally create, but she shares a chocolate shop with her daughter! How close to paradise can one be! Visit her at A Sweet Boutique as well.

Angelrib  won't google translate for me but her pictures are gorgeous. She has the sort of minis that bring delight and make you want to pick them up with exclamations of pleasure.

Another inspiring blog is at Lorraine Miniatures. I can't believe the amount of detail some people manage to get into some items and Lorraine is one of those very talented people. 

I was delighted when I opened  macrupe 's blog - it is so pretty and I love the rose cursor!She is another mini quilter and has lots of printable links to share.

Ilonka  is building a library. What a treat! She has a  blog dedicated to her cards and papercrafts to call in and see too.

Thank you all for being interested enough to follow.


  1. what wonderful bits and pieces you have made! clever girl, and don't laugh, sometimes i do like cleaning... some sort of weird satisfaction, but i hate cleaning and picking up after other people!

  2. I won't laugh, although my smile is rather wide :~D Cleaning can be fun and very satisfying, especially when it retains the novelty value it has had in my last month! I'm just about to do some now. :~)

  3. Oh, this little scene is wonderful! I love the fact you've made it all yourself so everything looks exactly like my memories of these forgotten things. Blue bags were about an inch across, yours look great! Love the brooms by the way and the mop bucket is fab!

  4. Thank you Susan, especially for the bluebag size - mine are about 9 times too big. Perhaps my 'family' likes an ultra white wash! :~D

  5. Google images url for blue bag pics ;-)