Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giveaway Draw

Thank you to all who entered my first giveaway. It was lovely to see old faces who have been with me from the beginning as well as newer faces and so many of my favourite people.

So with help from 2 of my sewing room dollies here we go!
All the names: folded, mixed and inspected ...

...and the winner is...

 If you can contact me with your address Janice, I will be thrilled to send the Phoenix farm set to you and I hope that you will be pleased with it.

Thank you again to all who entered. 


Welcome to my newest follower, Sandra, a fellow Australian! Sandra has 2 blogs Snippets from my studio where she is working on a gorgeous small scale village - the most recent building being a half-timbered Dickensian bookshop. She manages to build these houses and keep up with other crafts while touring Australia in a caravan. (Sandra from Sydney)

PS did anyone notice that I cleaned my desk up from several posts ago! That was worth a photo shoot in itself because it may not happen again for a while...


  1. Que pena, me lo perdi.
    Enhorabuena a la ganadora.
    La proxima vez, no se me pasara jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Love the little scene above with dolls and basket. Cute idea.

  3. Great blog! I've just been reading through. I'm now following so I don't miss anything.