Friday, November 12, 2010


Sometimes when I am writing a blog post, especially about toys and dollshouses, it seems as if I went around as a child envying every other child their toys! While there would have been the occasional pang, generally it was accepted that they had that and I had this (in my case books) and I think most people my age and definitely those older would remember times when it wasn't expected that you would have everything you wanted. Maybe that is why so many of us are enjoying a second childhood and catching up :~D.

Meccano wasn't a part of my childhood, although I can remember being shown the pride and joy Meccano set of the son of friends of my parents. The Meccano was nice, but the box it came in...Wow! Drawers and compartments galore - that was something to covet - every piece arranged in it's own section. I love order even though I have trouble practising it myself.

Meccano was however part of my husband's life so naturally our sons had Meccano sets as well and it became a part of my adulthood. As I think my boy in the 40s would have had a basic Meccano set, the research started. There is so much information and nostalgia about Meccano (introduced in 1901) out there in cyberspace! I could picture hundreds of men pouring carefully over catalogues and old advertisements sharing what they had found in sites and blogs and reliving their boyhoods with enthusiasm and delight. It touched me.

 I was pleased that post war the classic red and green was correct as the colours changed periodically and even the shades of those colours varied. Slotted bolts went to hex bolts, plastic came in and models were updated with space travel and the changes in technology. Even with the company changing ownership and computer games threatening to wipe out classic toys, Meccano moved with the times!

I won't bore you with the vast amount I now know about Meccano (although I hope I can use it at a trivia night before it all slips from memory) however I will share this site which contains full editions of Meccano magazines dating back to 1916 when Meccano technology was helping with the war effort. Meccano magazine

Plus I have 2 new followers! 

Welcome to Keli at iseecerulean  Her house is alive and busy. I love the bits she shows which look so loved and lived in and am staggered at the speed with which she posts and works but still with such great results.

Also welcome to minisdecris I would love to visit you in return but your settings are showing up as private! 

 Meanwhile there are a couple of days left to enter my first giveaway for a boxed farm set as shown below this post. Leave a comment on the  giveaway post  to enter. 

I'm sorry about any confusion when I tucked the giveaway offer on the end of a post, as I think some have found it vague what the gift was. I now know that giveaways are better as a post by themselves  and (I hope) will be more expert next time! (I was a bit nervous about having a giveaway but wanted to as I really enjoy the support and camaraderie in blogland)


  1. Excellent post, Christine. Like you, I had nothing to do with Meccano but I'm there with you on the box thing. Compartments, drawers and individual sections......I love all that. You'll just have to save all that Meccano info for the next pub quiz! Good luck with your give-away too.

  2. I had no idea about Meccano, but I truly appreciate the structure of the packaging! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Gracias por toda la informacion, es un mecano fantastico, me ha encantado tu post.
    besitos ascension

  4. love this post! learn something new everyday!

  5. MECCANO, Christine!!!!!! That is just so cool! I just love it and isn't miniatures wonderful for getting to know lots and lots about things! I am so chuffed that you have made this - it looks absolutely fantastic.

  6. How funny you are, Carolyn! You told me I needed Meccano, so what choice did I have! :~D

  7. I didn't think you'd actually do it!!! That is why I was so completely amazed and delighted to see it. My Dad loved his meccano set when he was young and has handed it on to my nephew so I was delighted to see you had made it. How cool is that!