Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good morning

Good morning everyone! I haven't any new pictures of progress today sadly, my husband has been taking advantage of my decision to cut down my working hours and set me to 1:1 building, tiling and grouting. (it is much more fun in mini scale!).

However I have been popping in and it is about time I welcomed my 5 (!!!) new followers.
Welcome, join me in a cup of tea, if you have time...

Otterine is at where she is busily stitching the most glorious rug and when not doing that wastes not a minute working on other perfect miniatures!

Marion is next and is almost a local to me which is exciting. Well 2 hours or so away, which in Queensland terms is close! Marion is another busy lady, running workshops as well as working on her own minis. You can see what she is up to at and and
Marion was almost chased away as her avatar could be a photo of our hen who hasn't accepted her status in life and firmly believes she is a cat so should be eating and sleeping in the house!

If you prefer lemon with your tea, call in at Minnie Kitchen where the lemons are freshly squeezed and there is a variety of yummy food to fill up on (if you have a very very tiny tummy)

Kat the Hat Lady is where you would go for all your witches hats needs and I have just seen that she is bringing out a range of the most glorious Edwardian hats. Absolutely stunning.

and finally welcome to Christine with the pink rose. I can't find a blog for you, so if you have one, please send a link and I can post it, but I know you must be nice with a name like Christine.

Thank you all for following.

I have been playing with this blog, still learning, and my favourite gadget at the moment is being able to keep track of when everyone shares a new post. The problem is I become seduced seeing what wonderful things others are doing that I don't get back to doing my own!


  1. hehe thanks for including me! love your blog!!

  2. You are welcome :D I love what you are doing with your foods! Those lemons just make me think of fish and chips.

  3. Hi Christine,your blog is so beautiful.
    Miniregards from Spain,Sonia.

  4. HI Christine just popped over from the The Dolls House Emporium forum and followed your blog. I have very happy memories of Famous Five books when i was a child and my friends even had a little gang and tried to solve mysteries (made up of cos but so real to 6 or 7 years old)


  5. hi christine, its nice that we share our name, but not only that,we both read 'secret seven' and 'famous five'.. i love antiques ,cottage gardens, anything english. yet i am true blue!! AND, i now have a blog.... :)

  6. I am soooo jealous of your house, Christine, having just visited your blog, but thrilled you are in Australia as well and that we have so many things in common. :)