Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready to relax

Just a quick blog post before I start work in an hour. I had decided during my holidays to try and do some mini-ing each day, even if were only planning projects. I think being creative (and I believe everyone can create, although many people don't in case their efforts are criticised) is one of the keys to a healthy mind and a happy outlook on life giving people greater resilience to cope with what life throws them. So with that in mind, after feeling really burned out a few weeks ago, I have been working on a few small projects for the cottage.

One was this chair to relax in. While simple it brings a smile to my face. I can imagine my dolls house mother sitting in the chair shelling peas in preparation to cooking for her family - did women ever really get a break in the 40s? One of my grandmother's housekeeping books includes sitting down to do your work as a necessity while 'expecting' (anything more descriptive was written in the book's sealed section) but a luxury at other times.
It was made with 2 sizes of cake wires (or possibly florist wire?) which I have had in my craft box forever, so were good to use finally.

The mat is one of a few I have made based on those owned by various elderly rellies when I was a child. I seem to think they were old then, everything seemed to have been made to last forever, so hopefully they fit in. I know that in Australia red and green were fashionable colours during the war, so at least the colour scheme is era appropriate. They were made by coiling garden twine, partly coloured with food colouring onto a fabric backing coated in glue, then stitching to secure. I was pleased with the effect.

The crochet blanket is one of the first things I made while gearing up to build a house. It is made using polyester threads and a 6mm hook with every row a different colour - never again! Tucking in the loose ends was a dreadful job. All future projects will be one colour!

I am planning on putting some of my minis in a craft display for 'e week' at our church craft group ladies morning, so the two photos are while I decide whether I prefer it draped (as suggested by another craft lady) or plain.

As I have no new followers today, I'll direct you to Alennka's blog She works at light speed creating far beyond the humble cottage! It is worth going back to her castle from the beginning.

Cheers all!

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to work we go.....


  1. I love the chair Christine, also the mat, I remember those from somewhere, and the crochet rug, I still have one somewhere also. The mat is so clever I could probably try that!

  2. I think you would have no trouble! It would be interesting to see what French colours you could use. I did a rectangular one for in front of the (non existent) sink too in stripes, same method but straight lines and turned the ends into a fringe, which was even easier. I'll keep an eye on what you do! :-D

  3. What a great chair! And I LOVE the crocheted rug....I remember making one for my little sister when she was born about 30 years ago!!! Impressive to make it in miniature!!

  4. Well, I love your rug, it was worth all the effort! The chair is just like one my grandparents had when I was a child, goodness, dare I say half a century ago? And the chair was old then!

  5. Beautiful rug & i also LOVE the crochet blanket!