Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holidays are over

Alas, my 3 weeks have flown by and my holidays are over. I would like to say that I got everything I planned done but, I think like most of us, I had many plans and little idea of how long each would take.

While nothing to do with dolls housing (except that it would be useful to have one to check details!) my favourite door painting project brought a wide smile to master 13's face and put me in the top mummy ranks. 

Meanwhile I have noticed 4 new followers! Welcome!

I can't find a link for Meli Abellan, so I'm not sure if you have a blog, but I hope you enjoy mine.

For Nuria's blog google translate is invaluable, although you can fill in a tea break very happily just looking at her pictures

Marie from Belgium's blog is another of those really pretty collections that look so effortless.

And most recently is Beatrice Sadly google translate has let me down but visit to see Beatrice's photos of handmade clothing of the finest lace that look like they have been made for fairy royalty.

Another parcel caused major excitement yesterday when an item I purchased from Mick at arrived! Mick is one of my fellow DHE chatters and I have been able to watch his progress since he bought his first mini lathe (and quick progress to a professional level it has been too!). He had shown this mortar and pestle on the board and I fell in love with it then, so dived on it when he listed it. It is rare for me to buy something handcrafted for my dolls house, it seems so indulgent I tend to make my own or do without, but the pleasure I have received from this little item  has made me realise that an indulgence occasionally is an excellent thing! I would recommend Mick's work to anyone. The photo (which is Micks) doesn't do the perfection or the tininess of it justice and a photo can never describe how lovely it feels, like polished marble.

My house gained stairs which was something that had been troubling me, although this turned out to be so easy I wondered why I ever worried. When I look at the photo going down the stairs, I can imagine small children's feet pattering up and down. Sometimes the house takes on it's own life and I don't do things I had planned at the beginning. I think others find the same with their creations. (at least I hope they do!)

Once the stairs were done the plan was to secure the middle floor and get onto the externals, but I have now realised that I need to stock my larder while I still have easy access! (actually I need to finish building my larder too).

The more I need to do, I begin to realise that this house for me is a journey. Obviously there is a destination (which I had expected to reach 3 months ago!) but the process is so enjoyable, worrying out problems included, that I have become more relaxed about it and if it takes 5 or 10 years, well that is 5 or 10 years of pleasure I will have while building it. It has been interesting to feel that way in this achievement oriented world.


  1. Great work Christine and I agree, just enjoy the process in your own time.

  2. Every morsel accomplished brings its own pleasure, take your time and enjoy!

  3. Hi Christine
    If I wasn't in awe of you before (which I was!!) I am definitely now!!! You are so talented and I love seeing your tiny little things in real life... they are so inspiring and definitely fabulous!

  4. The stairs are amazing and aged and worn looking! We all seem to set ourselves timescales and no they never go to plan! Something happens for the good or bad and mini's ARE a labour of love. :o)))) I love making my houses and the feeling of accomplishment that goes with that, especially when I've done something tricky!

    Buying quality handmade pieces for your projects is a must, they can really do add that extra special touch. :o)

    The tardis door painting is fab, no wonder your 13 year old was so chuffed! :o))

    Michelle xx